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I would like to introduce everyone to the idea of a Hamilton Music Guide. Everything you need and want to know about Hamilton, Ontario's music scene. Not only will this serve as a companion for those of us within the scene but also those who are just discovering what Hamilton's musical community has to offer. We also hope that out-of-town musicians will find the guide helpful when touring through our city. Included within the 2001 edition of the Hamilton Music Guide will be band and venue listings, Hamilton music memories, a special survival section for touring acts and so much more!

We are looking for everyone to get involved in the Hamilton Music Guide…

Local musicians and live music venues can start by filling out the following information and clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form.

---Musician Guide---
Band or Artist Name:
Year Established:
Describe your sound in one sentence:
Albums and year released:
Any other contact info:
---Live Music Venue Guide---
Club Name:
Year Established:
Type of music showcased:
Phone Number:
Promoter's Name and Contact info:
Any other info about your club that you want others to know about:

We hope to make the Music Guide free of charge to those interested. To do this we are offering businesses and individuals the chance to advertise in the guide. This is a great opportunity to reach local musicians, fans and also show your support for Hamilton's music scene.

Ad Rates:

Full Page (8" x 10.5") - $100
Half Page (8" x 5.25") - $60
Quarter Page (4" x 5.25") - $30
Banner Ad (8" x 1.25") - $15

We are going to start off with 2000 copies of the guide circulated throughout the city - this includes hitting venues, record stores, cafes, art galleries, libraries and book stores.

If the demand is there for more copies of the guide...we will continue to make them available at those same locations. We will also be mailing the guide to interested musicians and music labels outside of the city to make them aware of what's happening in the city!

Anyone interested in advertising in the guide or for anymore information, please email me at

There is still a ton of stuff that needs to be finalized concerning this first ever Hamilton Music Guide. One thing I am pretty sure about is the release date will be January 20th 2002. So all you bands and venues out there in Hammer-land...make sure you get your part done and submit your information A.S.A.P!

That's all for now...check back here for more information concerning the 2002 Hamilton Music Guide and if anyone has any questions about anything please feel free to email me!

Sincerely Indie,

Hot Tub Dave