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Hey You!!!

Welcome to the new Hot Tub Records site!! It took us a while...but we finally have something up and should have everything fully operational in a couple of weeks!?

BIG thanx goes out to the poopmaster...oops i mean i mean poopmaster, Tyler....for helping put this together! As an Independent record label in Canada, the internet is possibly our best way of reaching audiences we would have never reached before and keeping all our super-fans out there informed and entertained. Some of the things we have planned include special interviews, contests and our Burn 'em Up Series of exclusive MP3s only available from the site.

There is no guestbook for you to leave your messages because we feel there is enough shit on the net. Please visit our friends at to express your thoughts on the Hamilton Music Scene! Well...that's all for now...remember to keep checkin' back from time to time to see the progression of our little online i said everything should be kickin' in a couple of weeks! Sign up at the bottom for our e-mail propaganda and thanx for your continued support!

Dave Q-Rawk


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