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Here is H. Issue 1 is done and in the can. At least for me it is. For you, this is perhaps the start. Others may have read the preview issue we released in February and this is now a continuation.

As I talk to more and more people about H, the first question I usually get is, what is H? Well it’s a lot of things. First and foremost, H is what surrounds us. The architecture we live in, the design of the signs, the layers of history and the people who create it are only part of what H is. Our relationship to the urban landscape is something else we hope to encourage our readers to engage in. This is a very cool place to live. Escarpment to the south and harbour and lake to the north surround a manmade playground that will serve as our study and muse.

We live in a city that is a constantly changing. As a magazine that covers the urban landscape, we want to be able to switch gears and paint new pictures each and every issue. There is an energy that emits from this city and now more than ever, we want to promote the fact that there is something happening in Hamilton. It may not all be happening at once, but it takes time to turn a once powerful industrial giant into a sustainable and enjoyable place to live. I’ve always been amazed by the pockets of goodness, as I call them, that can be found all over the city, and the gritty elegance that links them together. Walk from one point in the downtown to another and you’ll see what I am talking about. It’s hard for some to distinguish the eyesores from the boutique stores in the core. They sometimes share the same view. Like a quilted blanket with mismatched patches, our urban landscape wraps itself around our psyche and attitudes. Where some see it as a ratty old blanket ready for the trash heap, others see it as a treasured heirloom that should be stitched up and restored for present and future generations to enjoy.

The believing is only now beginning. Our often-ridiculed city is undergoing a transformation right before our eyes and it is in the form of citizens who see Hamilton as a place with potential. Community groups are forming up and magazines like this one are planting roots. It’s a civic revolution that has taken this long to come back round again.

Welcome to Hamilton.


• Dr. Disc - 20 Wilson St. (at James, Downtown)
• Brian Prince Bookseller - 1060 King St. W. (Westdale)
• Vital Planet - 1047 King St. W. (Westdale)
• Global Village Market - 948 King St. W. (Westdale)
• Sweetwater Cafe - 45 Frid St. (Dundurn)
• The Staircase Cafe Theatre - 27 Dundurn St. N.
• Bad Dog Cafe - 229 Locke St. S
• Transit Gallery - 230 Locke St. S
• Locke Street Bakery - 202 Locke St. S
• Saigon Soul Food - 152 James St. S.

more locations to come...


“There’s a gritty elegance to living in a place that has steel mills engulfing the waterfront, expressways speeding through valleys and a down-and-out downtown core that is waiting to shine again. As much as I wish that Hamilton had all it’s ducks in a row, I can honestly say that this magazine wouldn’t be as interesting for me to create if everything was picture-perfect. I would like H to be a combination of Hamilton’s urban stories, architecture, design and history – essentially H will be what surrounds us, the buildings we’ve forgotten about, found art on the sidewalks and the little details that we don’t look up to see. Go out and spread the good word of Hamilton and make something happen.”

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