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Back in April 1999 we released our first CD collection of local music entitled “Drowned in the Harbour”. It featured 16 tracks from 10 of the freshest bands from the area...so fresh we packaged all our CDs in Ziploc bags! At the time, the Hamilton Music Scene was going though many changes and for the first time in a long time....the scene was in transition mode. You could say it was stagnant and tapped out. It was time for a change and HOTTUB was ready to help it along. With the release of that first comp and also HOTTUB’s involvement in organizing many All-Ages shows around town ...there was a very small revolution happening in the underbelly of this city’s music community. The one thing people started to realize was that you are stronger as a unified group. Why go it alone, when there are 5 or 10 other like-minded bands in the area who are trying to accomplish the same goals and rock the same fans!!

Now we are in the year 2001....has the Hamilton Music Scene evolved and become something everyone can be proud of??? I think if you asked anyone involved in the current version of this scene....they would give you a big rockin’ YES!!! The clubs are filled with great music every week; we have people behind the scenes who are passionate and hard working and most importantly we have a diverse bunch of artists who all believe in the theory of unity, friendship and support among local musicians...sorta like a union of rock...except the ringing in your ears isn’t covered by any sweet benefit plans! May the Amalgamation begin...

Dave Kuruc

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