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The Evil Engine
The Evil Trax

01. Pogo Ball
02. Captain Pillowhead
03. maybe
04. Veal
05. Hank
06. Trevor
07. The Evil Weed
08. Three Miles
09. Poo
10. The Poo Was Where?
11. Pee
12. Let the Wookiee Win
13. Nerd
14. Inside/Outside
15. Cue
16. The Catman
17. Repetition can be Humourous
18. The Unapooper 19. Mary
20. Cindy's Chaotic Finale
Catalogue No: HT-009
Format: CD
Recording Time:
Release Date: AUGUST 1999

Available via mailorder for $10.


"The Evil Engine has their own take on the old Cage maxim of repetition; rather than interesting, it is transformed into funny-which could have been the same transgression that guided the Fugs, Sockeye, Anal Cunt, The Meatshits, and perhaps even Ween's early forays. With their fecal fixations, wacky melody, and celebration of the obnoxious, "The Evil Trax" is a collection of 20 songs [usually the norm for this style], that draws on demo material and more "serious" recording attempts.

In the name of all that is pretentious, proper, and artistic, I praise this band. If musicians didn't take their heads out of their angst ridden asses at least once in a while, well...hence Moist et al. The juvenile creativity begins with an unlikely ode to a pogo ball and regresses nicely from there - " five things that rhyme with poo".

This is the band the kids from South Park will form when they get older...and're not alone. With Windsor's Prehistoric Cavestrokers, Ohio's Sockeye and others aforementioned, there definitely exists a healthy community for this wacky, loopy "rawk"[?].

Not enough to fund a jet-set world tour, but if you played in MY town I'd be there. For fans of Impetigo, Agathocles, Mexican Power Authority, Our Testicles Touch the Ground, Wanting to Work With Clay...."

-Stephen Dohnberg, Burningink Nov/Dec 99