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HOTTUB has been around since 1998 working hard on local compilation CDs and a variety of shows and events that aim to promote and highlight Hamilton's amazing music scene! Drowned in the Harbour (1999) and The Amalgamation Compilation (2001) are HOTTUB’s first two collections of Hamilton music and it looks like this year will see another album of Hammer-hits called The Ambitious CD. Also, look out for the Hamilton Music Guide - intended for anyone who is curious about Hamilton music, the guide will feature information on music, venues, memories and a survival guide for touring acts.

Other events HOTTUB had been involved with include the SOUNDOUT! Festival(2000), Poster Take Down(2000) and most recently the Hamilton Indie Music Expo(2002).

P.O Box 36633 - 75 Centennial Pkwy
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
L8E 2P0